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On Site & Off Site Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is the most efficient and least disruptive method of cleaning piping, cooling systems, boilers, tanks and reactors. We have the very latest specialist chemical cleaning equipment including pumping units, heating coils exchangers, circulating tanks and analytical/control equipment.

Off Site Chemical Cleaning

Our Depot is self supporting and carries its own sales staff, supervision, operators, transport, chemicals and equipment to supply a cleaning service at the shortest notice.

Chemical Cleaning is carried out to Atlas Industrial's own standard procedures or to client's specific requirements, including Degreasing, Descaling and Passivating.

Our on-site industrial cleaning services, both industrial and marine, include:

Other specialist services offered by Atlas Industrial include:-


Hydrostatic Testing

In line with BS 8010 Part I & Part II and HSE Guideline Note GS4.Hydrotesting of pipes, pipelines and vessels is performed to ensure tightness and strength and also to expose defective materials that have missed prior to detection.

Sterilisation of domestic and industrial water systems

Sterilisation to BS 6700/1997 and cooling towers to HSE HS(G)70 for the prevention of Legionella: laboratory tests for Legionella, Total Coliforms, E. Coli, etc.

Other Managed Services Available:-

On Site Chemical Cleaning Services