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Industrial Chemical Cleaning Of Pharmaceutical Systems

Pharmaceutical manufacturing depends on the use of high quality water. The maintenance of pharmaceutical-grade water systems is critical, both to keeping manufacturing facilities running and to ensuring final product quality.

Improperly maintained and operated systems rank very high on the list of problems cited during FDA and other regulatory inspections. Maintenance and operation are not “set and forget” activities. They require process adjustments and system maintenance

Atlas Industrial have an extensive knowledge and history of cleaning pharmaceutical-grade water systems, using various methods, including:

On Site Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services

Derouging/passivation of new and extensions to existing pure water and steam distribution systems, stills and all Pharma plant including vessels, product lines, CIP and medical gas lines.

De-Rouging Of Pharmaceutical Systems

Rouging is a pharmaceutical term for the rusting of stainless steel equipment. The rust comprises of oxide mixtures of iron, nickel, and chromium (the constituent metals of stainless steel). Colours vary from red, black, grey, blue or green.

Pharmaceutical Stills produce pure steam by evaporating pure water. Over time the Still gets rouged and silica forms scale at the top (hot end) of the column.

Removal is not guaranteed by the flushing process and 'overcooking' may damage the still.

Most Pharma plant in the UK is over 20 years old and is subject to rouging. The USA regularly de-rouge plant, as they realise that the cost of a de-rouge process is many times less than the cost of an inspection failure or a plant renewal.

Off Site Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services

A 48 hour turnaround is available on urgent items

Metal laundry service for decontamination, passivation, derouging and restoration of all grades of nickel /chromium steels including pipe work, vessels, CIP skids, valves and fittings, autoclave and centrifuge furniture, ovens and transfer vessels.

Ultrasonic Pharmaceutical Cleaning Systems

Atlas Industrial can ultrasonically clean your pharmaceutical processing equipment, the process is fast, reliable and effective.