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Industrial Chemical Cleaning Of Boilers And Steam Raising Plant

Industrial Chemical Cleaning Of Boilers And Steam Raising Plant

Atlas Industrial Services are experts in the chemical cleaning of all steam raising boilers

The main source of rust and corrosion in boiler systems is dissolved gas: oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia. From these, oxygen is the most aggressive.

Eliminating oxygen, which is the main cause of pitting and iron deposits is the first thing to do, as even small amounts of oxygen can cause serious corrosion problems.

Water introduces oxygen into the system, it can also enter the system from the condensate return system. The most serious problem with oxygen corrosion is that it occurs as pitting. This type of corrosion can produce failures even though only a relatively small amount of metal has been lost and the overall corrosion rate is relatively low.

The Corrosion Process Localized attack on metal can result in a forced shutdown. The prevention of a forced shutdown is the true aim of corrosion control.

Because boiler systems are constructed primarily of carbon steel and the heat transfer medium is water, the potential for corrosion is high.